Can’t Judge Cavs Just Yet

There is no question that Cleveland sports fans want to grasp on to anything resembling hope. 

Patience is a word that supporters of the three professional sports franchises are tired of hearing.

That’s why after Tuesday night’s Cavaliers’ victory over the Charlotte Bobcats, people were talking about the improvement it seems the team has made since last season.

That was halted real quick when last night, the wine and gold looking terrible in getting pasted by Toronto north of the border. 

In reality, this is the kind of performance on back to back nights that happen when you are dealing with a young team. 

It’s way too early to evaluate the Cavs after just six games.

You have to first recognize that this team is very young.  True, they have veterans on the roster like Antawn Jamison, Anthony Parker, and Anderson Varejao, but the rest of the squad are NBA babies, for the most part.

The only other player on the roster that is over 25 years of age is backup center Ryan Hollins, and his long-term future in Cleveland would be considered tenuous at best.

Two other reserves, guards Daniel Gibson and Ramon Sessions, are currently 25 years old, but will turn 26 before the current season ends.

The rest of the roster has all been in the NBA two years or less.

Two early stars this season are Cleveland’s two first round choices last summer:  Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson. 

Irving has shown great quickness in the first six games, and Thompson has been a shot blocking machine thus far, but remember, once the league gets a “book” on these two kids, they will have to make adjustments.

And although both appear to be good picks right now, you really can’t get a full dossier on either until the season reaches the halfway mark, and those adjustments will or will not be made.

Players such as Alonzo Gee and Sessions have shown improvement from last year too, but again, we are dealing with a very small sample size.  Sessions has shown better range on his jump shot, but will that continue?

In contrast, it’s too early to say Omri Casspi can’t be a contributor to this team.  Yes, he’s struggling right now, but it looks like he needs to relax just a bit.  He’s seems very mechanical at this point. 

Hopefully, he’ll get an easy basket early some night and relax and be able to settle in offensively.

Right now, Byron Scott has used his depth as advantage, using ten players on most nights, and really there hasn’t been much of a drop off in play when the coach substitutes.

It’s would be a great way for a young team without a “superstar” player to go, as long as all the players in the rotation are doing the job. 

But what happens if and when two or three of those guys are getting the job done?

The point is it’s way too early to make any judgments, and it still will be too soon after this long road trip concludes.

That’s not to say this team isn’t fun to watch right now. 

Let’s just sit back and watch how these guys continue to develop.  It’s nice to win, but really this year is a year of learning for the Cavaliers.

Scott and GM Chris Grant are learning who can be a contributor when the wine and gold will be ready to make the playoffs. 

Just another part of the “process”.



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