On to Plan B for Browns

The news came out of nowhere that the Washington Redskins had agreed to give the St. Louis Rams their first picks in 2012, 2013 and 2014, plus another 2nd rounder in order to move up to the #2 spot in this year’s draft.

Say goodbye to Robert Griffin III, Cleveland Browns’ fans.

The Redskins understand what the front office in Berea apparently doesn’t.  That today’s NFL is a quarterback league and if you don’t have a great one, you simply aren’t going to win.  So, Washington agreed to pay the king’s ransom.

As much as Colt McCoy played well in his brief stint in his rookie year, he still doesn’t look like a guy who can win a Super Bowl, even if he is surrounded by the right players.  Sure, he can probably get you to the playoffs, have an occasional year where the Browns win 9 or 10 games, but in the playoffs you need at least one great performance from your passer to advance.

Getting to the playoffs is nice, but in the past few years, QBs like Tim Tebow, Matt Cassel, Rex Grossman have guided their teams into the post-season.

However, quarterbacks who win the Super Bowl are elite:  The Manning brothers, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger.  You have to go back to Tampa Bay’s title in 2001 to find a non-Hall of Famer (Brad Johnson) who got the job done.

It has been reported that the Browns tried to move up like the Redskins did, and was willing to deal two additional first round picks to move up, but probably wanted those picks to be the #22 pick this year and another first in either ’13 or ’14, and the Rams wanted the picks in three straight years.

So, apparently the team wants to find a franchise QB, but they weren’t quick enough on the trigger.  If the rebuilding plan continues to progress the way Holmgren and Heckert want, they won’t be in a position to pick this high again.  Even a 7-9 finish puts you in the teens.

There likely is some relief in Berea this morning because it is believed that there are some in the organization who weren’t sold on Griffin as either a franchise quarterback or as someone who can run their beloved “system”.  Now, there is no chance they would have to take the Heisman winner, and they can move on.

But don’t they still need a QB?

It would not be surprising if GM Tom Heckert traded down from the 4th pick to get some more extra choices and then look at Texas A & M’s Ryan Tannehill as the future guy at the most important position on the field.

Or they could take Oklahoma State’s Justin Blackmon at that spot to secure a big time wide receiver, and then trade up from #22 to get Tannehill.

The team to watch is now Miami.  If Peyton Manning doesn’t go there (and we don’t think he will), then that puts Green Bay free agent Matt Flynn in play in south Florida.  Flynn would be reunited with his Packer offensive coordinator Joe Philbin, now the Dolphins head coach. 

If that happens, Seattle would be the only team standing in the Browns’ way of having Tannehill falling to #22.  The only other free agent that should garner significant interest is Jason Campbell, formerly with Oakland and Washington.

Would Seattle be interested in the former Auburn passer? 

It would also not be surprising to see Cleveland draft LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne in order to pair him with Joe Haden to give the Browns’ their best pair of CBs since the days of Hanford Dixon and Frank Minnifield.  Cleveland had a pretty good defense back then, didn’t they?

So, the days of endless Robert Griffin III debate is over on Cleveland sports talk radio.  Now, the discussion will center on who Heckert will take or whether or not the Browns will trade down.

Here’s hoping the front office has a solid plan B.



2 thoughts on “On to Plan B for Browns

  1. What makes you think some in the browns organization didn’t believe RG3 could run their beloved system??? I think we made a huge mistake not making this deal. We had the inside leg with the lower pick and an extra first rounder this year. It just seems an absolute shame if we balked a trade because we refused to give up a second round pick. We passed on a future star because of a second rd Pick??? typical browns.
    I personally believe RG3 would have solved a lot of our problems on offense. Last year everything was so tight and conjested because McCoy couldn’t consistently throw the ball down the field. Our entire offense was played in a 20 yard box, which made running lanes non-exsistent and made completing five yard passes seem impossible. Not to mention we didn’t have any YAC because defenders were constantly sitting on short routes. RG3 according to falcons receiver Roddy White throws one of the best deep balls he has ever seen!! So our receivers in running game improve without even adding anybody else. Plus, how many times last year did McCoy scramble right cutting the field in half and run right into a sack. RG3 would have helped our offensive line too. If we made the trade to move up we could have signed one of the quality free agent receivers such as Marcus Colston, Reggie Wayne, Vincent Jackson or Pierre Garcon. No way any of those guys comes to cleveland now.. Catching passes from McCoy is career suicide, but catching them from Ryan Tannehill would be even worse. We are destined to lose until we get a QB. Next year we probably will finish 6-10 or 7-9 so the chance of getting an elite QB will be gone. It seems the only way to go now is to sign a veteran free agent qb such as Jason cambell or Kyle orton and hope we have a shot at drafting another franchise QB.

    • Just the sense I get from Heckert and Shurmur. I don’t think they were united in thinking they should get Griffin. Personally, I would have made the deal to go up and get him. I think the Browns tried when they heard Washington was involved, but their heart wasn’t really in it.

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