CSP Potpourri

As Cleveland celebrates the opening of the Horseshoe Casino this evening, we just want to express some thoughts on what is going on in the wide, wide world of sports.

LeBron Gets His Third
The former Cavalier received his third MVP in four years, and to be quite frank, we were a little surprised.


First, the NBA writers are known to have long memories, and they remember last season’s NBA Finals when the supposed most talented player in the game stayed away from the ball in clutch situation like it had “cooties”.

James’ stats were incredible, as usual, but most of the season he was criticized for staying away from game deciding shots in favor of Dwyane Wade, so how can he be the MVP of the league?

Don’t the best players step up for their teams when it matters?

Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant or San Antonio’s Tony Parker would have been better picks for the award.

Browns Rookie Mini-Camp
If the Browns’ rookies played in a first year player Super Bowl, apparently they would win.  They were that impressive this weekend.

Take it easy!

Look, it is good that QB Brandon Weeden showed a strong arm, RB Trent Richardson is a physical specimen, a “freak” according to Weeden, and WR Travis Benjamin is as fast as advertised.

However, they weren’t wearing pads!  They weren’t playing real defense!  No one was smacking Weeden as he dropped back to throw!

Nothing has changed since the day GM Tom Heckert drafted these players and signed others as undrafted free agents.

There should be optimism about the draft, it appears the Browns have improved the offense quite a bit.  But until they start hitting and playing for real, the jury is still out.

Tribe Roster Moves
In addition to dropping three straight games to Boston after winning the series opener, the Indians also made a few roster moves.

One was required after Josh Tomlin had a sore wrist, and Zack McAllister filled in nicely, giving Manny Acta seven innings Saturday night in a 4-1 loss.

Another came after reliever Dan Wheeler imploded Sunday, giving up six runs in an inning of work.  Wheeler joins Jamey Wright and Chad Durbin as failed experiments bringing in veterans relievers.  Hopefully, the front office will stay away from these types of guys again.

The last move, sending Jason Donald back to Columbus, is a tad curious, if only because it makes Jack Hannahan the backup shortstop according to Acta.

Look, if Hannahan could play that position decently, he would play there because historically his bat hasn’t been up to par for the hot corner.

The Indians’ roster has been ill-conceived from the get go, and this latest move doesn’t help.

Kyrie Gets An Award
No one should be surprised by the news that Cavs’ point guard Kyrie Irving has been elected the NBA Rookie of the Year.  In fact, the only mystery is will he be given the award unanimously.

It wasn’t all that long ago that fans were saying GM Chris Grant should take Derrick Williams with the first pick and then Brandon Knight with the fourth selection last June.

When you have the first pick, you have to take the best player.  Kyrie Irving was clearly the best player in the 2011 draft, so Grant made the correct selection.

And the Cavs have a cornerstone for the future of the franchise.  Remember, point guard and center are the two toughest spots to fill on a team.



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