McCoy Trying to Get Out of Cleveland

By and large, fans of the Cleveland Browns have Colt McCoy’s back.  He is the kind of athlete people on the North Coast like.

He’s works hard, seems like a good guy, etc.

They even want to believe that McCoy’s problems as an NFL quarterback come from the poor performance of the offensive line, a lack of a solid running game, and wide receivers that drop the football.

The Browns front office didn’t make the decision to draft Brandon Weeden in the first round because they wanted to sell more jerseys in the team shop.  The coaching staff obviously saw things in practice and game films to show he can’t and won’t ever be able to succeed as a starting QB in the league.

Team president Mike Holmgren alluded to this in his press conference last week when asked about the Browns’ receiving corps, saying they were open more than you think.  A not so veiled reference to the fact that McCoy couldn’t get the ball to them when they were open, maybe because he was already in check down mode, or maybe because he felt he didn’t have the arm strength to get the ball there on time.

Regardless, the organization has played it the right way, saying there would be an open competition for the starting spot, and speaking about McCoy’s toughness and his ability to grow with experience.

However, it is fairly clear that McCoy is trying to orchestrate his way out-of-town, and he is doing it through his family, which although they don’t want to admit it, is one of the reasons the Browns soured on him.

Last year, when the quarterback suffered his concussion against the Steelers, McCoy’s father, Brad McCoy went public with negative comments about the Browns training staff, and was upset that his son was sent back into the football game.

He was naturally upset that his son suffered an injury, which is fine, he should be, but he should have kept his beef out of the media and handled it privately.

He didn’t do Colt any favors, either.  Here he is trying to be a leader of a professional football team, and his daddy is taking up for him in the newspapers.  It probably started giving Holmgren and Pat Shurmur ideas that he didn’t have the toughness required to handle the sport’s toughest position.

Now, McCoy’s younger brother, Case, a quarterback at the University of Texas, commented on Twitter that his brother will go someplace else and the Browns will go downhill.  The guess here is that the younger McCoy didn’t make that up out of thin air.  His sibling is frustrated about losing his job, and although there is nothing wrong with that, once again, he’s not handling it correctly.

It appears that McCoy isn’t the naive young man his fans feel he is.  There are still a good portion of Browns’ fans who feel the passer received a raw deal from the team.  This is exactly the reason, GM Tom Heckert has to send him elsewhere.

The Browns can’t afford to have a substantial group of fans calling for McCoy the first time Weeden has a bad game.  Which, if you listen to the McCoy zealots, will be exactly what happens.

On the same hand, McCoy has figured it would be best for him to change teams as well.  That’s why he’s using his family to force Holmgren and Heckert’s hand.

All of this means that fans can pile their McCoy jersey on top of those of Brady Quinn, Kelly Holcomb, and Tim Couch.  He’s probably thrown his last pass as a Brown.  Here’s hoping the next team that employs McCoy gets just him and not his entire family.



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