Cavs Lead Summer in Rumors

In some respects, the Cleveland Cavaliers are like Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan, they seems to be constantly involved in the rumor mill.

Everyday, there is a new trade proposal out there involving the Cavs.

First, it was the Dwight Howard mess, with the Cavs getting a bunch of picks, some cash and Kris Humphreys for Luke Walton.

No brainer, right?

Then the wine and gold were involved in a possible sign and trade with the Nets for F Antawn Jamison.

Since Jamison was leaving anyway, it would be great to get something for him, correct?

Then it was back to Howard again, this time the Cavs would get Lakers’ C Andrew Bynum in a three-way deal which would send the current Magic big man to the Lakers.

Getting a 24-year-old all-star would be a great move, without a doubt.

They also were interested in F/C Luis Scola, amnestied by the Rockets, but they came up short on their bid.

It is all just speculation, and so far, GM Chris Grant has not made any move.

We understand the Cavs have a plan and want to build a team through the draft, using the “Oklahoma City model” as many have called it.

Still, there are plenty of holes remaining on the roster that need to be filled, and the GM needs to address them.

A look at the current roster would show a starting lineup of Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters at guards, Alonzo Gee and Tristan Thompson at forward and Anderson Varejao at center.

Who would back them up?

And this is assuming the Cavaliers will match any offers for Gee, who is a restricted free agent.

They do have Donald Sloan to back up for Irving, although there are rumors they are looking at Johnny Flynn.

They have Daniel Gibson to be a reserve at shooting guard, but he’s injury prone, and the guess here is the front office doesn’t want to bring him back.

They also have Kelenna Azubuike on the roster, but he’s missed most of the last two seasons with a knee injury.

Among the big men, they do have first round pick Tyler Zellers and veteran Samardo Samuels to provide depth, but there really isn’t anyone behind Gee, if he indeed returns, except Omri Casspi, who wasn’t very good in his first year with the team.

So clearly, there is still much to do to get this roster ready for the regular season, that is unless the Cavs plan on winning about 20 games again in 2012-13.

People will point out that Cleveland wouldn’t mind getting back in the draft lottery again next summer, and while that may be true, they also don’t want to regress from last season.

To show improvement, Grant is likely to bring in a productive veteran to take some pressure off of Waiters, so the coach Byron Scott doesn’t have to count on the rookie to score 15 points per game.

That is unless either feel comfortable giving meaningful minutes to guys like Luke Harangody or D. J. Kennedy, and that is extremely doubtful.

There have been reports that now that the initial wave of huge cash being spent on free agents has passed, the Cavs will be active soon.

However, fans don’t want rumors and speculation, they want to see a young team improve even more.



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