Things That Make Us Say “Who Cares”

With two sports talks stations in the Cleveland area, there are many times the hosts have to try to create controversy to get people to call in to their shows.

Since the Indians were swept in a huge series and the Browns played their first exhibition game this week, you would think this would be one of those times where the action on the respective fields would have been enough to generate an audience.

Here are four subjects that made us say “Who Cares?”


Neither thing took place on the field, because a real fans would have to be upset at four straight defeats at the hand of the Tigers.

The first was the “Detroit’s bankrupt” chant that offended some people as a response to the Tigers’ fans rubbing it in the faces of Tribe fans during the games at Progressive Field.  Why does this bother anyone?

They weren’t chanting the city was morally bankrupt, that might be considered offensive.  The fact is the city did file for bankruptcy protection, so there was nothing untrue involved.

Cleveland, the city, and its fans have been taking it from people all around the country for years, and now, we can’t give a little jab to another city who is having it tough?  Besides, we have gone to games in other cities over the years, and we aren’t obnoxious in our support for the hometown squad.

Cheer for your team all you want you are a supporter of a visiting team, just don’t start chants rubbing it in the face of the host squad.

Actually, it was quite funny that Tribe fans thought of this.  Made us wish we’d have started it.

The second “incident” was the Indians’ players laughing when Ryan Raburn pitched the top of the ninth in the last game of the Detroit series.

No doubt, the players were chuckling over seeing a popular teammate on the hill for the first time.  It does not mean that Terry Francona has “lost” the team, nor does it mean the players don’t take the game seriously.

Baseball isn’t a sport where you can say if you try really, really hard in the bottom of the ninth, you could make up the eight run deficit Cleveland was facing.  In fact, after the game Jason Giambi held a team meeting to remind everyone there is a long way to go in the season.  No one was laughing about being swept or losing 10-2.

There was no reason to make a big deal about it.


The big debate for football fans was Trent Richardson not playing in the first preseason game vs. the Rams.  After all, the second year man out of Alabama has never played in one of these games.

Here’s a big reason that the coaching staff held Richardson out…IT DIDN”T COUNT!!!!

If Rob Chudzinski decides to get his starting running back carries in games #2 and #3, and sits him out in the last exhibition tilt, that would be perfectly fine here.  It is better to keep him fresh for the regular season, where he will be expected to carry a large load.

The same goes for any nicked up player held out by the staff.  It is better to have them ready in September.

The biggest “who cares” is regarding the results of the first preseason game.  Yes, the Browns won, and yes, they looked like they knew what they were doing, in sharp contrast with the past few seasons.

However, the game didn’t count, and the Browns will still be 0-0 for three more weeks.

And yes, we’d be saying the same thing if they would have lost.  There were things to be excited about, but the score ranked way down on that list.




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