Patience Can’t Be Long for Browns Front Office

If you are working for the Cleveland Browns, you can’t be happy with what took place on Sunday afternoon. 

After a 3-1 preseason, and two impressive, although meaningless wins at home in exhibition play, the fans of the football team were excited about the changes made in the coaching staff and front office.

After one regular season game, the fan base is crushed, looking at another season of mediocre football. 

Now, no one is expecting Joe Banner, Michael Lombardi, and Rob Chudzinski to make wholesale changes after one game, but they can’t sit back and put up with another 10 loss season. 

It is nice that progress is being made in terms of upgrading the roster’s talent base, there also needs to be an increase in the Browns’ win total. 

Nothing else should be acceptable to the supporters of Cleveland’s pro football team.

That’s why people are confused regarding some of the coach’s comments, particularly those involving G Oneil Cousins, who had four penalties in the opener.

Chudzinski said Cousins was the best option at the position. 

Our theory is why not try rookie Garrett Gilkey, because it’s pretty much impossible that he could do worse. 

The lack of trying something different, even if it is only one game, makes fans think there is a different agenda here. 

We get that perhaps Chudzinski wants to give Cousins another opportunity, because maybe it was just a bad day.  However, you have to make a change if he struggles again early in this week’s game against the Ravens.

The same goes for any other position, including quarterback, if the coaching staff cannot get acceptable play. 

The time for rebuilding and looking for high draft picks should be over.  It is time to start winning football games.  Enough is enough.

The front office was very calm this week, despite several media people asking for changes right away.  This is probably a good strategy because the organization has to show faith in the players they assembled. 

Still, there is a fine line between support for the players and accepting mediocrity.  That’s the line that Chudzinski has to walk.  He’s got to make clear to everyone in the locker room that another game like last Sunday’s 23-10 loss to Miami will not be tolerated.

We understand that Banner, Lombardi, and Chudzinski aren’t responsible for the horrible record for the Browns over the last 15 years, but they have to understand that the fans base is tired of watching teams that annually compete for the first pick in the draft.

And they also have to realize NFL teams take quantum leaps in terms of wins every year, so it is possible.  The Browns’ faithful are anxious because they see teams like the Colts go from two wins to the playoffs in one off-season.

In recent years, they have seen similar turnarounds from the 49ers, Chiefs, and Seahawks.  It is a league that lends itself to those situations.

Why can’t the Browns do the same?

Granted, it is just one game, so it is way too early to throw away the season yet.  But starting 0-3 or 0-4 is going to have the fans howling at the door in Berea.



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