Buckeyes Just Taking Advantage of Flawed System

With Ohio State in control of one of the top two spots in the BCS standings, the national media is apparently stunned that a team from the Southeastern Conference may not be part of the BCS title game.

Therefore, we are hearing from multiple sources about how Ohio State isn’t worthy to play for a championship if they indeed defeat Michigan State in the Big 10 title game this weekend.

Right now, there are two teams from major conferences who are unbeaten:  Florida State from the ACC and the Buckeyes. 

Why wouldn’t those two squads play for the title if they both emerge victorious this weekend?  It makes total sense.

The problem people have is with the BCS system, and they are taking out their venom on Ohio State. 

The system rewards teams for going undefeated.  Proof of that is Alabama, who lost on the last play against a one loss Auburn team and now they are seemingly out of the picture.  If it were about putting together the top two teams, then the Crimson Tide would still be alive.

So, why should any team, including Ohio State, Alabama, Auburn, etc., take any unnecessary risks by scheduling tough out of conference foes?

Auburn’s games outside of the SEC were against Washington State, Arkansas State, Western Carolina, and Florida Atlantic.  No national powers there, right?

Alabama played Virginia Tech, a quality foe, but they also played Colorado State, Georgia State, and Chattanooga. 

Yes, the SEC is filled with good teams, but both schools have to play them, they aren’t taking any risks with the non-conference opponents either. 

Certainly, LSU is a quality team, and Auburn will have to play another top five team in the SEC Championship Game in Missouri. 

Of course, Missouri has the same record as the Spartans, the Buckeyes opponent on Saturday.

There is no question that college football needs a playoff system, and the automatic qualifiers should be the five major conference champions:  Big 10, Big 12, SEC, ACC, and PAC 12.  The other three teams in the eight team tournament would be the three best teams who do not get automatic bids.

If the champions get in, it eliminates the scheduling issue. 

A school like Ohio State could play, let’s say Tennessee, Miami (FL), and Stanford in non-conference play and not have to worry about the National Championship because if they win the Big 10, they will get a shot at the title.

And of course, that goes for all conferences. 

We would get early season key matchups once again like Ohio State playing Oklahoma, or Alabama playing USC, etc.

The risk of suffering an early season loss would be minimized because teams would still have a chance at the national title.

It would be better for the sport as well.

Another problem is somehow Ohio State has become the poster boy for this horrible system.  According to some rating systems, Florida State’s strength of schedule is less than OSU’s, but no one is complaining about the Seminoles being in line for a shot at the crown.

And this weekend Florida State plays Duke while the Buckeyes take on a one loss Michigan State team.

The problem isn’t Ohio State, it’s with the system.  People complaining about the strength of schedule should blame a formula that rewards teams who don’t lose.

The Buckeyes are just working the system.



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