Let’s Be Patient on the QB Decision

The NFL pre-season is just one week old, and a raging quarterback controversy as arose in Cleveland, at least among the team’s fans.

Are you with Johnny Football or are you a Brian Hoyer guy?

We have said before that we are in favor of playing whoever can win football games, so we aren’t tied in emotionally to either guy.  We don’t care if the player is famous or from Cleveland.

That being said, we felt nothing really changed after the 13-12 loss to the Lions Saturday night.  If Hoyer and Manzell were even going in, neither did anything to change the status.

Yes, Hoyer did throw high on two plays that could have put the Browns in the end zone.  But, overall he did a solid job working with the first team offense.

Manziel made some nice throws too, particularly a slant pattern to WR Taylor Gabriel where he zipped the ball right into tight coverage.

He made a nice run up the middle for a first down, but still appeared to want to run when he should’ve waited a little longer to make a pass play.  It is difficult in the NFL for a quarterback who likes to run to stay healthy.  Look at Michael Vick and Robert Griffin III.

You also have to take into account that neither Hoyer nor Manziel were against a Lions’ defense that game planned to play against them.

That means there is a lot riding on next Monday’s contest against Washington, because Mike Pettine has said he would like to name a starter prior to the third pre-season game.

If it is a fair competition, then Manziel should start the game and play with the first team against Washington’s best defensive group.  If he shows well, then it is on.

Until that happens, you have to remember than he played against Detroit’s second unit.  That alone should temper optimism on the former Heisman Trophy winner.

To us, if it is a tie, the edge should go to Hoyer to start vs. Pittsburgh on Opening Day.  Why?  Because it would be easier to replace him with Manziel if the team isn’t successful right off the bat.

Let’s say Pettine starts Manziel and Cleveland starts off 0-3.  Does he replace the rookie with Hoyer?  That is something that Pettine has to consider when naming his starter.

Fans don’t see it that way.  A certain group of people want Manziel to play because of his fame and others want Hoyer in there because it would be a great story to see a hometown kid play quarterback for the Browns.

The dumbest of the fans are the people who would prefer the team go 4-12 or 5-11 with Johnny Football at the helm rather that go 9-7 with Hoyer as the starter.  And there are people who think that.

Haven’t we seen enough losing in the last 15 years?  Remember our initial premise…whoever can win football games should be the guy under center against the Steelers.

Let’s just allow this to play out.  Let either player earn the job.  That will become evident after the game next Monday night.  Until both passers play against a first team defense, really no decision should be made.

The coaches see both players every day in practice.  It is doubtful that this staff, not last year’s, would play someone because of a larger agenda.

Let’s relax, everybody.




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