Tired of Solutions for Browns’ QB Issue

There is no question that the obsession with the Cleveland Browns quarterback situation has reached the absurd level.

Fans and media alike talk about it endlessly, which is why we feel the need to write about it all the time.  Believe it or not, we would like to write about other things, but when we hear some of the bizarre things proposed to rectify the situation, it gets our juices flowing.

Media people and fans alike are constantly criticizing the Browns horrible performance in the first round of the draft, citing picks like Trent Richardson, Brandon Weeden, Justin Gilbert, and Johnny Manziel.  None of those players have made an impact to this point in the NFL.

The thing that drives us crazy is some of these folks wanted GM Ray Farmer to deal one of his first round picks this year for Sam Bradford.

Now, we advocated dealing from Bradford a few weeks ago, but we were willing to give up a third round pick.  Why?

Because Bradford has played just seven games in the last two seasons, and has an injury report dating from his college days that is as long as a midsummer’s day.

What if you traded the 19th overall pick for Bradford, and he blew out his knee once again?  Would Farmer be criticized for blowing a premier draft pick for an often injured player?  You bet he would.

On a side note, you also can’t use the reasoning that the Browns should deal their first round picks because of the lack of success those choices have had.  You have to trust that the organization will improve how they scout and be able to identify impact players to take in round one.

Remember, Cleveland’s second round pick, G Joel Bitonio, turned out to be a very good player as a rookie, and Farmer’s other choices look like they can be productive players, so it appears he can identify talent, he just has to improve when it comes to the first round.

Also, Farmer didn’t pick Richardson and Weeden.  Those picks were made by prior regimes.

Yesterday, we even heard a sports talk radio host think about dealing for former USC QB Matt Barkley from the Eagles, if the rumors are true about Philadelphia signing Tim Tebow.

Why is that crazy?  First, if Chip Kelly signs Tebow, then it is very likely the Eagles will cut Barkley, so there is no need to trade for him.

Second, Barkley is a guy who was considered a first round pick after his junior year and by the time he finished his senior season, he has dropped to a fourth round choice.

In his three years in the NFL, he has thrown a grand total of 50 passes, of which none have gone for touchdowns and four of those throws have been picked off.  His career passer rating is 43.8, about half of that of Josh McCown and Brian Hoyer.

Do you really want him to be the Browns’ quarterback?

What is his chief attribute, that he’s not currently on the Cleveland roster?

That’s why everybody needs to take a deep breath and hope the Browns don’t feel the same pressure to go out and make a colossal mistake.

Farmer should pick the best player when his turn comes at #12, and the guess here is he will trade some of his lower round picks to get more picks in rounds #5 and earlier.

They can’t afford to waste more picks picking quarterbacks who are projects at best.



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