The Off-Season Soap Opera for Cavs and LeBron

A little over a week ago, the Cleveland Cavaliers were trying to stave off elimination in the NBA Finals, just two wins away from an NBA Championship.

However, the season came to an end nine days ago, and the soap opera that apparently will be the Cavs’ off-season has begun.

It started with the rumors swirling that David Blatt was going to resign as head coach during the post-season press conference involved GM David Griffin and himself.

One television host even reported the resignation was a done deal.

Of course, Blatt is still the coach, but that doesn’t stop the speculation that the man who guided the wine and gold to an Eastern Conference championship will not be on the sidelines when the season opens in late October.

Listen, if LeBron James walked into Dan Gilbert’s office and told him he wouldn’t stay in Cleveland if Blatt was still the coach, the latter would be looking for a new gig.  But, we don’t think that will happen.

However, this is life for your team when LeBron James is part of it.  Especially with ESPN in their tear down LeBron at all costs mode.

Next on the agenda are the contract situations.

Several players ended the season with options on their deals.  Timofey Mozgov’s club option was picked up by Cleveland earlier in the week, but yesterday, Kevin Love declined his player option and is now a free agent.

Even though this was totally expected, as is James’ same decision, which will come soon, it didn’t stop the angst among basketball fans here that Love is going to leave.

He may go elsewhere, but if we hold Love to his statements made throughout the season, when he repeatedly said he would be back, it is simply a procedural move for the former Timberwolves’ power forward.

Remember, Love can make more money in Cleveland, that’s the way the NBA is set up.  And, he’s coming off a shoulder injury and may not be ready for the beginning of the regular season.  The probable scenario is that Love will stay in Cleveland on a one-year deal with a player option for 2016-17, so he can be eligible for the cash influx the league will get at that time.

Again, it’s possible that Love leaves, anything can happen.  But if Love wants to win a title, then Cleveland is the best place for him to get the most money and have a chance to get a ring.

We can’t wait to hear the noise when LeBron opts out in a few days, even though he and everyone in the media have told us that is indeed what will happen.

In some public statements made since The Finals, James has reiterated that he loves being back home and that he is looking forward to next season here.

That won’t stop the four letter network from speculating that James will be looking to leave once again after next season.  It’s what life with LeBron James is all about.

All that said, this drama is much better than worrying about who to take with the first pick in the NBA draft tonight.  Just remember who the rumors are coming from and what is their agenda for saying what they say.



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