QB? Or Not QB? The Browns Annual Draft Question

The Cleveland Browns have the second pick in this spring’s NFL draft and they should take the opportunity to draft the franchise quarterback the team has needed since Bernie Kosar was unceremoniously released in 1993.

Or should they?

Look, we are resigned that the new folks, yep, the analytical people, will take either Jered Goff, Carson Wentz, or Paxton Lynch with the second overall choice in April.

And until proven otherwise, we have to trust new coach Hue Jackson, a man with excellent credentials on the offensive side of the ball.  If Jackson feels there is a guy there who he can groom and make a top notch NFL passer, we will go along with him.

We have heard many personnel people with NFL experience say that the two most important positions on the field are quarterback, and guys who can pressure the quarterback.

And there just so happens to be a player that everybody has at the top of the draft who showed the ability to create havoc for passers at the college level.

He is familiar to northeastern Ohio fans because he played for Ohio State and his name of course is Joey Bosa.

At the beginning of every draft season, that is to say when the first mock drafts start to hit, passers are always at the top of the list.  It’s the sexy thing to do.

Then, as the pro days come and go, and the scouting combine is held, more evaluations are made and the quarterbacks get reposition and reevaluated.

Usually, this means that these QBs are thought to not be good enough to be picked in the first half of the draft.

No one wants a repeat of the 2011 NFL Draft which was focused on during Super Bowl week because Cam Newton and Von Miller were the first two picks.

While Newton took the Panthers to the Super Bowl within five seasons, we should also point out three other quarterbacks were taken in the top twelve selections.  They would be Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert, and Christian Ponder.

Also consider that just two short years ago at this stage of the off-season, Teddy Bridgewater was considered a lock to be picked in the top five of the draft.  He wound up being taken at the end of the first round.

The point is much can change between now and the next two months.

What if the Browns and Jackson evaluate the three college passers and feel there isn’t much difference between the trio, that Jackson will be able to make all three into solid NFL signal callers.

Or he thinks the best of the guys they scout is Cardale Jones or Stanford’s Kevin Hogan?

Then, why not take Bosa if he is available at #2 and wait to take the quarterback with the first pick in the second round.

Another option would be to take the pass rusher at #2 and trade up from #32 to get back in the first round to get the QB.

There is a long way to go before the Browns will be on the clock and they should consider all of their options.

They have a lot of needs besides the quarterback, and the QB isn’t the only difference maker on the field.

Guys who can get to the passer can be just as impactful.  Our bet is the new front office and the new coach will research all options before making the second overall selection.





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