Browns’ Tumult? Should Be A Little…They Are 0-10.

If Cleveland Browns’ owner Jimmy Haslam and his wife decide to blow up the current front office and coaching staff after this season, then Browns’ fans have no hope whatsoever.

We would say if that happens, the only way this team would ever have success is by pure luck, everything falling into place for one season.

So, is there tension within the walls in the offices in Berea?  There should be at least a little.  The Browns are 0-10.  They shouldn’t be throwing daily parties.

The front office and coaching staff should be self-auditing every day to see what they can be doing better.  However, that doesn’t mean a bunch of people will be losing their jobs when the season ends.

This football team isn’t making the playoffs, and that’s why the organization should be even more committed to finding out who can play and who can’t for the final six games of the season.

Many people talk about the process in Dallas when Tom Landry was fired, and Jerry Jones bought the team and brought in Jimmy Johnson as head coach.

The Cowboys went 1-15 that year, losing games by the following scores:  28-0, 30-7, 30-13, 31-13, 31-14, 27-0, 15-0.  That’s seven losses by 15 points or more.

To date, the Browns have lost four games by that margin, although the way the team has played as of late, it wouldn’t be surprising if they weren’t more big losses in Cleveland’s future.

This isn’t to suggest that Hue Jackson is Johnson, and the Browns are on their way to three Super Bowl wins in four years soon, but it does give perspective that starting from kind of ground zero does mean fans are in for a long season.

It also does provide a glimmer of hope.

We understand that Jackson, his coaching staff, and even the players are feeling the pressure to win at least one game this season.  No one wants the specter of going 0-16.  But they can’t give in to that.  They have to do what is best for the future of the Cleveland Browns.

And this may not be a popular opinion, but it means they should take another look at Robert Griffin III.  He only played one game this season, and although the Browns lost that game 29-10, it wasn’t as though Griffin was horrific.

The former Heisman Trophy winner is still only 26 years old, so why not take a look at him before the season ends?

Rookie Cody Kessler has done a solid job.  He’s protected the football and been accurate.  Could he be the starter at the beginning of next season?  Why not.  But we doubt he’s going to turn into a gunslinger.

So, why not see what Griffin has left, if anything?  It’s certainly a better alternative to seeing mediocre Josh McCown take another snap.

It also means looking at more young players.  We’d cut back on Andrew Hawkins playing time.  No more Alvin Bailey.  Instead, let’s look at the rookie wide outs and third round pick Shon Coleman.

We understand there is nothing in the Browns’ past that would make anyone confident that Haslam will not fire everybody this off-season.  And as we said before, if he does, there truly is no hope.

When the Browns changed their approach at the beginning of the year, we believe they realized you have to stay the course for a few years.

However, that doesn’t mean they should be satisfied with how the season has progressed to this point.




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